Sunday, April 22, 2007

Proleva - new anti-aging cure

Proleva is an all-natural formula designed to protect your body at the cellular level from damage caused by free radicals. This new approach to cellular health allows for maximum protection, by working at the cellular level to prevent and repair the damage to your body caused by free radicals (see below).

Anti Aging

With normal aging your cells divide, replacing the old with the new. Ideally, you want your cells to divide at a constant slow rate. However, when free radicals come in contact with healthy cells it causes sever damage. This forces the cells to divide prematurely. The more often this process occurs, the faster your body ages.

Using Proleva to neutralize free radicals before they attack your body’s cells can greatly slow down the aging process. With Proleva it is possible to age gracefully; looking feeling and acting younger than you really are.


We hear a lot about the dangers of cholesterol and its role in heart disease. But cholesterol alone isn't the problem. Free radicals turn 'bad' cholesterol (LDL) into the dangerous plaque which clogs and hardens your arteries. This places a lot of stress on your heart and can lead to the blockage of an artery causing either a stroke or heart attack.

Proleva supports not only your arteries and blood vessels it also supports healthy HDL levels (good cholesterol). Eat right, exercise and start protecting your heart today with Proleva, your grandchildren will thank you.

Immune System

There are pollutants, bacteria and virus in the air we breathe, the food we eat, the water we drink, and the surfaces we touch. Your immune system is made up of millions of white blood cells, and together they form the foundation of your entire well-being. Unfortunately free radicals destroy these fragile cells, leaving you vulnerable to these harmful toxins.

A 2005 scientific study showed that Proleva reduces free radical damage to human white blood cells by 700%. By supporting the immune system Proleva helps you stay healthy so that you can enjoy the important things in life.

Brain & Memory

As we age we begin to have more and more “forgetful moments”. For a long time, the reasons for these lapses were unknown. However recent studies have shown that as you age a protein (beta-amyloid) begins to accumulate in the brain. Many scientists now believe that this accumulation leads to nerve damage and memory loss.

Studies have shown that a particular flavonoid found in Proleva (ECGC) decrease the production of beta-amyloid. Our brain cells are the only cells in our bodies that don't regenerate so it pays to take care of them. Remember the little things by taking Proleva.

Energy Levels

Energy loss is one of the most common age-related complaints but it doesn't have to be. Free radicals damage the mitochondria (the power plant) of your cells. Unfortunately, mitochondria don’t repair themselves very well, so when free radicals attack, much of the damage is irreversible.

Proleva naturally increases your energy levels by neutralize free radicals before they attack your body’s cellular power plants. Proleva doesn't subject you to a jittery 'high'; it simply delivers consistent energy increases through a long-term healing process.

Right now your body is being attacked by millions of free radicals molecules. Scientists believe these little molecules are the main cause of aging, disease and even cancer.

Don’t wait until it’s too late, start using Proleva today and fight aging at the cellular level. Its time to support your cardiovascular and immune system, promote healthy brain and memory function, and increase your energy levels to restore your youth and vitality.

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